Replatforming Healthcare: 8 Rules for Disruption

Discover How to Move from Hoarded Data and Uncoordinated Care to Shared Data and Collaborative Workflow

book-graphicReplatforming Healthcare: 8 Rules for Disruption

Book by Vince Kuraitis

The U.S. healthcare system has been built around physical platforms—hospitals, doctors offices and paper as the primary communication tool. Healthcare is being replatformed on digital, virtual platforms— ones on which data and collaborative clinical workflow will be shared to provide optimum care for patients.

Replatforming Healthcare by Vince Kuraitis will present and examine the eight new rules that will guide digital health disruptors:

  1. Digital Value Creation, not just physical value creation
  2. Platforms, not just products
  3. Networks and Network Effects, not silos
  4. Business Ecosystems, not just business models of individual companies
  5. Pull, not just push
  6. Patient Access & Control, not just provider control of health records
  7. Strategic Openness, not “hoarding” of data and workflow
  8. Personalized Context, not just centralized locations
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